Candriam Sustainable Global Equity Fund

The Fund provides an exposure to an actively managed portfolio predominantly made up of listed global equities as selected by Candriam in accordance with its investment process. Candriam’s investment process combines company level research with top down sectoral analysis to select stocks demonstrating good  Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) characteristics, according to Candriam’s ESG framework.

Candriam’s investment process is structured in three main steps:

1) ESG universe screen: Candriam uses its ESG framework to screen companies and construct the ESG universe. The framework comprises Candriam’s company research, a norms-based assessment of a company’s adherence to international conventions and treaties, and exclusions based on a company’s exposure to ‘controversial activities’;

2) Quantitative investment approach: Candriam’s quantitative model uses its proprietary framework to determine a performance score for a company having regard to risks identified by Candriam (risk adjusted return score); and

3) Portfolio construction and model implementation: Candriam constructs a model portfolio by conducting the initial two investment process steps and considering ESG and risk management criteria.

Please see the Fund’s Controversial Activity Exclusion Policy for further information on the norms-based assessment and controversial activities, including direct and indirect examples, and the material threshold that is applied to each activity.


Fund Objective

To achieve returns (before fees and taxes) in excess of the MSCI World Index (Net Dividends Reinvested) $A - unhedged over the medium to long term. There is no guarantee that this objective will be achieved.

Unitholder Meeting to be held on 22 August 2024. Please see the information available here

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