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What is an mFund?

An mFund product is an unlisted managed fund admitted for settlement under the ASX Operating Rules and available to investors through the mFund Settlement Service. The ASX rule framework supports the mFund Settlement Service by ensuring all parties, including stockbrokers, product issuers and unit registrars, are accountable for their roles and responsibilities. This rule framework underpins the high level of standards expected of services delivered by ASX.

What is the mFund Settlement Service?

The mFund Settlement Service enables you to buy and sell units in Ausbil's unlisted managed funds (mFunds) through a process similar to buying and selling shares.You can easily buy (apply for) and sell (redeem) units in these unlisted managed funds via a participating broker and the transactions are settled using CHESS, ASX’s world-class electronic settlement system. Your holdings in these funds are held electronically and can be linked to the same Holder Identification Number (HIN) used to hold other investments transacted through ASX. This means you can track your investments in these funds using the same systems you use for shares and other securities. So now it’s faster and more convenient than ever before to diversify your portfolio.

Benefits of investing through the mFund Settlement Service

  • Access to a broad range of unlisted managed funds through a central hub and a participating stockbroker or adviser relationship.
  • Easier transaction and administration of unlisted managed fund investments, including the ability to use an existing stockbroking account to access unlisted managed funds.
  • More-timely access to a wider range of information about unlisted managed funds, including unit prices and related announcements.
  • Same high level of settlement certainty investors enjoy with shares.
  • Easier to change between unlisted managed fund investments.
Ausbil's mFunds available through the mFund Settlement Service

Ausbil Australian Active Equity Fund 

The Fund is an actively managed core Australian equity fund benchmarked to the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index.

The Fund invests in a broad portfolio of listed Australian shares, assessed by our investment team to provide the greatest opportunities of appreciation over the coming 12 months.

The Fund is designed for investors who wish to benefit from the long-term capital gains available from share investments and who are comfortable with fluctuations in capital value in the short to medium term.

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Ausbil Australian Emerging Leaders Fund

The Australian Emerging Leaders Fund is an actively managed Australian equity fund managed against a composite benchmark (consisting of 70% S&P/ASX Mid Cap 50 Accumulation Index and 30% S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index). The Fund invests in a portfolio of small/mid capitalisation Australian shares, assessed by our investment team to provide the greatest opportunities of appreciation over the coming 12 months. The aim of the Fund is to outperfom the benchmark over the medium to long term.

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Ausbil Australian Geared Equity Fund

The Fund is an actively managed Fund that borrows to invest into a portfolio of listed Australian equities that are generally chosen from the S&P/ASX 300 Index.

The Fund will be geared by borrowing from a third party lender to purchase Australian equities.Gearing is the use of borrowings to invest. It increases and magnifies the volatility of investment gains or losses and reduces the security of capital invested.

Geared investments may significantly underperform equivalent non-geared investments when the underlying assets experience negative returns. n extreme negative market conditions, all capital invested could be lost.

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Ausbil 130/30 Focus Fund

The Fund is a concentrated equity fund which primarily invests in listed or expected to be listed Australian securities that are generally chosen from the S&P/ASX 200 index.

The Fund may also use short selling.

The Fund may invest in companies listed overseas. The Fund may also invest in exchange traded derivatives and cash or cash equivalents.

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How to invest in mFunds

  1. Research the mFund Settlement Service and unlisted managed funds available through this service.
  2. Contact a participating broker, which can be either a full service or online broker. See the list of available brokers on the mFund website
  3. Read the relevant fund Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the chosen unlisted managed fund and the accompanying Additional Information book including other relevant managed fund summaries and reports.
  4. Instruct your broker with a buy or sell order and make payment for new units in the chosen Ausbil's unlisted managed fund.
  5. Once your transaction is complete an mFund confirmation and CHESS statement will be sent to you.
By using CHESS, orders for units are sent electronically, this enables progress of orders to be monitored, and at settlement for unit balances to be recorded on your HIN alongside other investments; providing greater transparency over your holdings.

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